Kindergarten UpdateNovember 4th- November 8th
This Week in Kindergarten...Language Arts:
  • Big Book of the Week: Simon and Molly plus Hester
  • Sight Words: Review a and like
  • Color words
  • Identifying characters

  • Number of the day
  • Recording and graphing weather observations
  • Weekly job chart
  • Experimenting with volume
  • Comparing weights
  • Reading numbers

  • Celebrating God's love throughout the Church year

Leader of the Day:

Monday- William M.Tuesday- Kendra M.Wednesday- Ean N.Thursday- Brylee R.Friday- Stephen S.


6th- Living Saint Wax Museum

November Birthdays

23rd- Kendra


- Please remember to check your son/daughters B.E.E. binder every night!

- Don't forget to bring library books back on Tuesday!